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Spanish for “to wait” encompasses much more than that. Depending on context, three English verbs can be found within this one Spanish word. Yo espero. I wait. I hope. I expect.

I have a lot of experience with Esperar. I teach and wait for the seeds of learning to sprout in my students. Sometimes the wait isn’t long as I see my students’ English fluency improve daily. But sometimes it takes lots of repetition for it to catch on.  Yo espero.

2015 became a year of Esperar right from the start. As family members encountered struggles and hardship with jobs and health and moves to new places I was in a continual state of hope. Hope for strength and hope for wisdom. As I watched world and community events, I hoped for peace and reason to be found. I also started my new novel this year. As inspiration came and went and life got in the way of writing, there was nothing to do but wait and hope: Yo espero. 

Even though I’ve had my moments, I try to be essentially a positive person. When I am, life looks and feels so much better. And it builds and creates the positive, which can only bring about good. If I expect the amazing to happen, it often does. Yo espero. I expect.

There is a lot of Esperar in me for the future, for my family and for the world. May you find what you are waiting for, hoping for, expecting. Today and in 2016.


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