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Things We Carry

Things We Carry

I haven’t written a poem in a long time. Say twenty years, maybe more. And so when I was scrolling through a publication on open submissions for poetry journals and literary magazines, I skipped over the poetry listings to get to the short story ones. Except the byline of a journal caught my eye. The theme for its upcoming edition: These Things We Carry.

It set off a whole lot of sparks that I spent weeks thinking about. When I finally journaled some of what came to mind, what I thought would be my next short story, took shape as a poem. Forgotten memories, powerful emotions, and a deep insight into the human condition as we move through life.

What we carry, what we try on, what we think defines us, and what we eventually let go and leave behind.

As you’ve probably figured after reading my short stories and blog posts, I can’t help but write as I try to make sense of life. We are not alone in our experiences, our feelings, our need to find value in what we do, our desire for love and connection, even while holding on to our independence and truest selves. This poem fits right in there.

Let the sparks fly! What do you carry with you? What did you try on when you were ten, twenty, thirty? What defines you? What have you let go of and left behind?

I submitted my poem to Last Stanza Poetry Journal and I must admit, I was a bit surprised when it was accepted. My poem, “ReMake” is just one in a sea of many that you can find in Issue #13. If you are a poetry lover, consider buying the journal online here. I’ve got my copy and it’s a thrill to see it there.

If you are interested in just reading “ReMake” reach out and I’ll send it to you.

With love, Michele

Let me know your thoughts!

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