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Kirkus: An Insider Industry Review!

Kirkus: An Insider Industry Review!

Just last week I received news from Kirkus that my novel had been reviewed. I was excited but also nervous. I’d waited months and suddenly I didn’t know if I was ready to read it. What would an industry insider, like the reviewer at Kirkus, have to say about The Three Graces?  
“Three young women, shaken by mysterious episodes in which they transcend time and space, forge an unlikely friendship in Wolfe’s charming debut novel.”
YES! What a great start! And the reviewer was spot on about what the novel really speaks to:
“Although several supernatural elements skirt around the plot’s edges, the focus of this tale is on friendship. Jessie, Sara, and Isabel find one another at a critical point, as each woman questions herself and her future. Although the strange places in which they find themselves can be unsettling, it’s a credit to Wolfe that the most memorable passages are set in the real world.”
I’m thrilled that through Kirkus more readers will get to know my book. You are going to want to read the whole review here:
The Three Graces Review
Along with all my amazing customer reviews on Amazon and Goodreads (thank you, thank you!) there are more reviews like Kirkus to come. Graces you ROCK!

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