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Smash Hit!

Smash Hit!

“It was a smash hit!” and “OMG what a great party!” are just some of the reviews coming in from my second Los Angeles book event. Hostesses Aimee, Wendy and Candace created quite a brunch spread and the weather was perfect for gathering on the outdoor patio of Aimee’s lovely home. Family, friends, and fellow writers came to celebrate in style.

What continues to strike me most about my events so far is the genuine, heartfelt happiness everyone shows in being a part of it all; being part of a labor of love that took years to bring forth into the world. As I told all gathered there, writers may do all the writing alone, but we need the support of people believing in us all along the way. Not only to finish, but to not give up.

It was a day like no other, shimmering with a brightness I am still trying to find words for and can’t. Except maybe if I look at an excerpt from The Three Graces.

“The Graces stood before her in a room of pure white…a single ray of sun shone down casting luminous light everywhere. They walked as if wading through water. The wash of pure emotion… coming and going, like ripples at the edge of a lake.”

Let me know your thoughts!

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