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Smiling Faces, Longtime Friends And Close Family

Smiling Faces, Longtime Friends and Close Family

If I had to think of three adjectives to describe the summer book events that have helped launch my debut novel, The Three Graces, I’d say unique, dynamic and celebratory sum them up.

Each event had a unique venue, spread of food, and mix of people. Plus a high-level energy that created a palpable anticipation and sense of excitement. Each was a celebration of persistence, creativity, and accomplishment that felt bigger than me. They were true celebrations of life.

My Colorado event was special in more ways than one. First it’s my hometown. All who came to support me were friends from way back when or family who have been in my life forever. Second, it’s the setting of my novel so I spent a lot of time there while writing it. In spirit if not actual presence.

To those who came and even those who couldn’t but requested a signed copy, know that part of my heart will always be in Colorado! Thank you for keeping me there.

Here’s my son Caleb’s response when asked what he thought of the event: “When introductions were made and the atmosphere felt right, the book reading began. Mom has this way of putting people in a trance where their eyes are focused and their minds begin to follow her into the story.”

I invite you to continue to follow me as I journey into my new novel. Onward!R1-05665-007A

Let me know your thoughts!

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