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Jewelry – Showing Off Who You Are!

Jewelry – Showing Off Who You Are!



Jewelry is personal. It holds emotion, sentiment. And showcases our personality.

When I think of all my girlfriends and the jewelry they wear, I know I’m not wrong. The earrings, bracelets and necklaces in my closet wouldn’t “fit” them, or theirs me. Even when we admire a friend’s new or latest piece of jewelry, it doesn’t mean we want it for ourselves, just that we recognize beauty when we see it.

I have two pieces of jewelry that I consider my good luck charms. By that I mean, wearing them makes me feel I look my best. Putting them on in the morning Necklaces sets me on the right track no matter what kind of day I’m facing.

These good luck charms gave me the idea of pendant necklaces for my novel. A year after I began writing, I was on vacation with my husband and I saw a bracelet in a jewelry store with three symbols imprinted on silver: a leaf, a sun and a moon. I fell in love with it and have worn it pretty much every day since then. A few years later on a women’s writing retreat, I was gifted with a pair of earrings in the shape of goddesses. The woman said she just felt like she was supposed to give them to me, so she did. She didn’t know that I was writing a story about goddesses but the giving inspired me to have my goddesses give a gift of jewelry to the girls and this became central to my story.

Imagine how excited I was that Najla Qamber designed my cover with almost identical pendants! Then my friend and jewelry designer, Mollybeth Brown, designed real necklaces to match.

These good luck pendants are now on sale, exclusively here. Get your own lucky pendant before they’re all gone! Brilliance’s pendant for Jessie, a gold sun; Joy’s gift to Isabel, a cool moon; or Bloom’s to Sara, a red rose. Email me or contact me on Facebook today!


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